Who We Are

Pyramid Funeral Parlour is a local and family owned business started in 1999. We perform numerous well coordinated memorials for the public and high profile citizens. Mr. SM Maxopani wanted to give back to his community, as a result we help the local government with indigent burials and people in need. After many years of service, we still pride ourselves with quality and improved service.

Togetherness is the glue that binds loving families together– even through the toughest of times. And when your family is faced with the loss of a loved one, let Pyramid Funeral Parlour help you strengthen that bond. We are family and
locally owned.

At Pyramid Funeral Parlour, we understand. It’s never easy to lose a loved one. We will help you through the grieving and bereavement period, and make it as soothing and comforting as possible. Our experienced and caring professional staff are dedicated to giving you the best. We will handle all of your funeral and interment needs, including the transportation of remains from across the nation.

Our History

1999 – A Family Orientated Business Started
Pyramid Funeral Parlour is a local and family owned business. It begun as a brain child of Mr SM Maxopani, as he wanted to give back to his community. It all started in small offices in Boksburg North and expanded into Soweto branch, now it currently have 5 branches across South Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Provide a quality service to satisfy all funeral needs that may arise. We achieve this by: Going to all lengths to provide funeral related products and services. Exploiting all resources at the disposal of the company, human resources and materials included.

Our Vision

When called upon to arrange a funeral, complete responsibility is taken to guide you through the procedures which have to be followed, we will deal with all the formalities and legal requirements ensuring relatives have no more to worry about than is absolutely necessary at this difficult time.

Our Team